About MTG Biotherapeutics, Inc.

2page_img1Leading the search for novel immuno-oncology approach to treating many cancers

MTG Biotherapeutics is a Phase 2 clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to the development of a novel immuno-oncology therapy based on REIC expression technology to treat unmet needs. MTG’s REIC expression technology combines the concepts of gene therapy, oncolytic viral vectors and immuno-oncology treatment for an effective therapy that selectively kills cancer cells without significant side effects. MTG’s approach combines the ability to selectively destroy the cancer, and debulk tumors safety, with the ability to stimulate the immune system to target residual disease.

Founded in 2014, the company has moved the program quickly to accelerate the development of REIC technology in the treatment of multiple oncology indications. MTG-201 has been demonstrated in clinical trials to directly induce selective apoptosis in target prostate cancer cells and stimulates the immune system to produce cancer specific activated cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTL) and natural killer (NK) cells. MTG-202 combines the technology of MTG-201 with a cancer specific replicating viral vector to target other more aggressive cancers, such as Mesothelioma, invasive Bladder cancer and Hepatocellular Carcinoma.